Murano Glass Art by Planet Renowned Maestro Afro Celotto

Murano Glass art has been made in Venice considering that the year 1293. Widely collected and revered for its technical brilliance and gorgeous colours, it is an Italian art glass lovers most prized possession. From the late 13th century, glass artists and the tactics they use have been closely guarded and revered the Planet over. The King of Italy was so thrilled by what was getting made onMurano, that he banned travel to and from the Island in order to defend the tips and strategies that created this glass loved about the Planet.

Some of the most hard tactics in the Italian Master glass blowers repetoire are Inciso, Batutto, Filligrana and far more. These tactics call for the ultimate in ability and precision and the expertise learnt over several, a lot of years. The master of such tactics was Lino Tagliapietra, a master glass blower whose operate is revered the Planet over. A single of his favourite students was Maestro Afro Celotto who began blowing glass from the age of 14 beneath the tutelage of Maestro Tagliapietra. Afro’s exclusive talents and a keen willingness to learn created him a master immediately after only 12 years, far earlier than the standard 15 to 20 years it takes to earn the title of Maestro.

Afro’s ability in mastering the most tough of glass blowing methods saw him rise to Planet status with his operates gracing some of most influential and noted museums and homes in the Globe. All his pieces are signed and numbered restricted editions with colours, sizes, shapes and finishes that create thoughts-blowing pieces. The glass art made my Maestro Afro Celotto is actually special and exquisite to say the least.

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