I guess it all started when I was a child, obviously. Isn’t that how it always begins? We’re born, we like stuff, and so on and so forth? This is the story of Fred Rossi and his journey with glass.

Well,  when I was exploring the edge of a glass table top, I peered inside at the massive expanse contained within that rectangular piece of glass. It seemed to go on forever in there. Later, my curiosity to shifted to fire and eventually marbles.

While working for Q.S.P. Optical in graphic production,where I identified and marked color filters with a laser etching printer, I was encouraged to learn about working glass in a kiln. I took a class on fusing at the Irvine Fine Arts Center in 2000, and began making tiles, plates and bowls. Eventually the position at Q.S.P. grew to production manager as we produced dichroic glass tiles. The position also required that I produce and assemble sample kits, design boards and trade show displays. I am extremely grateful for the opportunities to learn while working there. A huge thank you to Scot, Richard and Geza.

Also used in manipulating glass while working there:

Sand blasting, Vertical belt sander, horizontal lap grinders,

Various cutting techniques including scoring and snapping straight lines curves and circles from 12″ to 24″, (from 1.1mm to 4mm sheet glass)

Wet sawing using lapidary saw,tile saw, ring saw, and water-jacket core drilling for sink drains, (wet cuts up to 1 inch thick)

Laser etching unit ( 25 watt,CO2 tube laser),

Glass frits and enamels for various COE systems, beginning with soda-lime float, System 96, 90 COE Bullseye,33 COE Borosilicate ,and 104 COE Effetre/Moretti .

My most recent research into marble techniques has taken me into angular spirals.I’m revisiting a technique that I used in 2007 with the “Cube in a Sphere” marbles, and “The Empty,Open Box” Series of marbles.

I  have made many plates, bowls, tiles, sinks and even a fountain made entirely of glass tiles. Please have a look.

Fred Rossi.

Fred Rossi Design.